Alexa SXT set

  • Top of the Arri line-up
  • In Camera ArriRAW
  • 4:3 Sensor mode for anamorphic shooting
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  • Zeiss Master Anamorphic set

    Large aperture of T1.9 for shallow depth of focus Low distortion for uncompromised cinemascope Cinematic bokeh Beautiful skin tones and precise color rendition All lenses 95mm front
    € 1.500,00 per day
  • Leica Summilux-C Set 8x

      T1.4 aperture lightweight compact design extremely high resolution Leica smoothness 95mm front Set uit te breiden met 29 & 65mm
    € 1.250,00 per day
  • Rain deflector spray-off Schulz

    € 175,00 per day
  • OConnor 2575 fluidhead

    € 125,00 per day
  • True ND 4x5.6 3/6/9/1.2/1.5/1.8/2.1

    € 120,00 per day
  • Teradek Bolt 500 SDI (HDMI) Set

    Up to 500' Range 1 x Transmitter and 1 x Receiver Transmits up to 1080p60 Near-Zero Latency SDI and HDMI on Transmitter and Receiver SDI-HDMI Cross Conversion* Transmit to up to 4 Receivers
    € 100,00 per day


While keeping the sensor and user interface of the original ALEXA design, the capabilities of ALEXA SXT cameras have been greatly extended. Equipped with the powerful electronics and sophisticated image processing of the ALEXA 65, SXT cameras can manage more recording formats and handle more processor-intensive tasks such as calculating looks with 3D LUTs or color space conversions to Rec 2020, all in real time. Building on work done originally for the ALEXA Mini and AMIRA, the new ARRI look management and optional noise reduction help creative filmmakers get their ideas across.



  • AlexaXR Plus set

    The classic Alexa allrounder Integreated wireless lens control systeem Supporting Arri's LDS system.
    € 700,00 per day
  • Amira Set

    Same 35 mm sensor as ALEXA Premium License Highspeed up to 200fps  – full sensor area Prores recording up to 4444 on CF2.0 cards up to 4K resolution Internal ND filters (0.6/1.2/2.1) 'Single Operator' design Log C & Rec 709 Dynamic range of 14 stops Natural colors and skin tones
    € 750,00 per day
  • Alexa Mini Set

    ALEXA sensor and image quality with internal 4:3 & ARRIRAW recording compact lightweight carbon fiber body for lightweight Integrated lens motor control and ND filters Perfect for gimbals Future-proof technology with 4K UHD, HDR & HFR recording
    € 875,00 per day

In set

  • Alexa SXT
  • C-fast adapter, 2x 256GB and 1x 128GB cards with USB 3.0 card reader (4x 512 codex cards and adapter available if requested)
  • 15/19mm baseplate
  • 5x v-mount batteries
  • Tv Logic 5.6 screen with magic arm
  • Mattebox MB-29 or similiar 
  • Arri Follow Focus FF-5 or FF-4
  • Raincover