Alexa Mini Set

  • ALEXA sensor and image quality with internal 4:3 & ARRIRAW recording
  • compact lightweight carbon fiber body for lightweight
  • Integrated lens motor control and ND filters
  • Perfect for gimbals
  • Future-proof technology with 4K UHD, HDR & HFR recording
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  • Zeiss Master Anamorphic set

    Large aperture of T1.9 for shallow depth of focus Low distortion for uncompromised cinemascope Cinematic bokeh Beautiful skin tones and precise color rendition All lenses 95mm front
    € 1.500,00 per day
  • Arri WCU-4 2 Channel

    ALEXA Remote Control Vibrating Markers Easy-to-Read Lens Data Display  Backlit Focus Knob  
    € 250,00 per day
  • Leica Summilux-C Set 8x

      T1.4 aperture lightweight compact design extremely high resolution Leica smoothness 95mm front Set uit te breiden met 29 & 65mm
    € 1.250,00 per day
  • Movi Pro Freefly Set

    € 350,00 per day


The Alexa Mini is the smallest camera in our Arri-range and is excellent for gimbal and drone applications, but is also a lightweight option as a handheld camera. The specifications match with the familiar Arri Amira, including internal ND filters, internal Prores 4k UHD recording and up to 200fps in 2k.


Another unique element of the Alexa Mini is the integrated lens motor controller. Our new C-Force mini motors can be connected directly to the Alexa mini without the intervention of a single receiver. It is possible to connect multiple motors to control both the focus and the iris as the zoom. The C-force mini system works in combination with the WCU-4 hand unit.


Also, we have a license for the WCU-4 handunit that allows to operate the Alexa mini wireless. For example, you can easily switch ND filter, framerate and ISO. Also WiFi can be used in short range to control the camera settings. Very useful for gimbal and grip applications!



  • Amira Set

    Same 35 mm sensor as ALEXA Premium License Highspeed up to 200fps  – full sensor area Prores recording up to 4444 on CF2.0 cards up to 4K resolution Internal ND filters (0.6/1.2/2.1) 'Single Operator' design Log C & Rec 709 Dynamic range of 14 stops Natural colors and skin tones
    € 750,00 per day
  • Sony F55 4K cameraset

    Super 35 4KCM Internal 4K/2K/HD Recording on SxS cards Up 240 fps 2K with Optional AXS-R5 recorder Electronic Global Shutter PL -, BNCR, Nikon- or EF-Mount available Compact and Lightweight 14 stops exposure latitude
    € 525,00 per day
  • Alexa SXT set

    Top of the Arri line-up In Camera ArriRAW 4:3 Sensor mode for anamorphic shooting
    € 800,00 per day
  • Red Weapon Monstro 8K Vista Vision Set

    8K Monstro Vistavision Sensor 8192x4320 pixels (35.4 Megapixel) Lightweight Carbon Body Up to 300 fps (at 2K 2.4:1 2048 x 864) Interchangeable Optical Lowpass Filters Interchangeable Lens Mount PL/EF/LeicaM/BNCR Records in RedRaw and ProRes simultaneously
    € 1.000,00 per day

In set

  • -Alexa Mini body
  • -Alexa Mini Viewfinder
  • -Raw and Anamorphic license
  • -2x128GB an 1x256GB Cfast cards with USB 3.0 card reader
  • -15/19mm and shoulder support
  • -Mattebox
  • -FollowFocus
  • -5x V-lock battery and charger
  • -handle bars
  • -5.6" monitor with arm