Zeiss Master Anamorphic set

  • Large aperture of T1.9 for shallow depth of focus
  • Low distortion for uncompromised cinemascope
  • Cinematic bokeh
  • Beautiful skin tones and precise color rendition
  • All lenses 95mm front
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  • Alexa Mini Set

    ALEXA sensor and image quality with internal 4:3 & ARRIRAW recording compact lightweight carbon fiber body for lightweight Integrated lens motor control and ND filters Perfect for gimbals Future-proof technology with 4K UHD, HDR & HFR recording
    € 875,00 per day
  • Arri WCU-4 2 Channel

    ALEXA Remote Control Vibrating Markers Easy-to-Read Lens Data Display  Backlit Focus Knob  
    € 250,00 per day
  • Leica MacroLux diopter set 0.5 - 1 - 2

    95mm frnt clamp-on no perceptible light loss  no spherical aberrations  no color fringing high resolution and contrast color temperature matched
    € 135,00 per day
  • Arri UDM

    On-Set Distance Measurement Range Limits
    € 70,00 per day


Onze High-end Arri/Zeiss Master Anamorphic 2x set bestaat uit zeven top-of-the-line lenzen die staan voor een ongeevenaarde kwaliteit en ultieme cinematische look. Met een T-stop van 1.9 bieden de lenzen een shallow dept of field. De lenzen beschikken over LDS en geven dus lens metadata door aan de camera. 

Voor een unieke look zijn de Master Anamorphic Flare Sets ontwikkeld, iedere lens uit deze set heeft zijn eigen Flare Set welke bestaat uit een frontglas en achterglas element. Door enkel het front, enkel het achter of beide elementen te vervangen zijn verschillende looks te creeren.

A range of seven high-performance prime lenses, the ARRI Master Anamorphic series represents a significant step forward in the technology and practicality of anamorphic cinematography for 35 format digital and film cameras. 
For the first time, a perfect combination of compact size, minimal weight, very high speed and exceptional optical design with minimal distortion has been achieved in a set of anamorphics. With beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds and a smooth, cinematic look, the Master Anamorphic lenses are as fast and easy to use on set as other modern cine lenses.

Main Features

  • Low distortion for uncompromised cinemascope
    • straight lines stay straight
    • no distortion compensation in post necessary
    • low distortion even at close focus
  • Cinematic bokeh with high contrast and nice focus fall-off
  • very smooth out-of-focus image
  • immersive look
  • smooth and pleasant skin tones
  • natural crispy color rendition
  • oval and uniform illuminated out-of-focus highlights
  • smooth iris shape because of 15 aperture blades
  • full 2.39:1 format is useable for image composition
  • no visible image drop at the corners
  • T1.9 useable with any focal length at any distance
  • overcomes the old rule: “anamorphics need to be stopped down to T4.5”
  • Beautiful skin tones and precise color rendition
  • Characteristic out-of-focus highlights
  • Large image field for full freedom in composition
  • Large aperture of T1.9 for shallow depth of focus
  • Virtually no image breathing
  • No anamorphic mumps (fat face effect)
  • Super color matched to other ARRI/ZEISS primes and ARRI/Fujinon zooms
  • ARRI Lens Data System (LDS) for lens metadata



  • Zeiss Masterprimes 6x

    High speed prime lenses (T1.3) Higher resolution & contrast No geometric distortion Dramatically reduced flare Virtually no breathing All lenses 114mm front
    € 900,00 per day
  • Leitz (Leica) Summilux-C Set 8x

      T1.4 aperture lightweight compact design extremely high resolution Leica smoothness 95mm front Set uit te breiden met 29 & 65mm
    € 1.250,00 per day
  • Atlas Orion Anamorphic Prime Set

    True Front Anamorphic Karakteristieke Bokeh Anamorphic Lens Flares T2.0 Kleine Close Focus Afstand
    € 450,00 per day
  • Arri Signature Primes 8x

    Timeless aesthetic Precision engineered Warm, emotional images Lightweight magnesium casing Creamy bokeh Beautiful skintones Magnetic rear filter holder for nets, glass elements, etc.
    € 1.250,00 per day

In set

  • 35mm T1.9
  • 40mm T1.9
  • 50mm T1.9
  • 60mm T1.9
  • 75mm T1.9
  • 100mm T1.9
  • 135mm T1.9