Sigma Cine High Speed Prime Set

  • New Sigma Cine Primes
  • Expandable with the 14mm T2
  • High Speed; T1.5
  • Pl-mount
  • Standardized gear positions 
  • All lenses 95mm front
Price per day


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  • Arri SXU-1 1-Channel

    Backlit Focus Knob Single Axis lightweight
    € 150,00 per day
  • Mattebox Bright Tangerine Viv

    3-stage Swing-away 4x5.6 Mattebox 15 of 19mm Rod-mount of clamp-on Anti-Reflective Tilt Control, om reflecties van bijvoorbeeld koplampen te vermijden
    € 45,00 per day


New High Speed lenses by Sigma, based on the famous Sigma Art photo lenses, but now in a completely redesigned housing. Lightweight and compact, in a sealed housing to prevent dust and moisture from entering. All lenses have standardized gear positions for easy lens changes. The lenses are compatible with full frame and S35 sensors, and offer 8K resolution. The lineup ranges from 14mm to 135mm



  • Zeiss CP2 SS Superspeed Set 4x CompactPrime

    Zeiss Quality PL or EF mount T1.5 (Super Speed) and T2.1 (Macro) for use in low-light situations and for cinematic depth of field  Full-frame coverage Standard focus and iris gear positions Compact size and low weight of 0.9 to 1.1 kg Robust cine-style housing with the ability to utilize a follow-focus system
    € 200,00 per day
  • Sigma Cine HS Prime 14mm T2.0

    Addition to Sigma Cine Primes Ultra Wide Angle 14mm High Speed; T2.0 Pl-mount Standardized gear positions  All lenses 95mm front FullFrame coverage
    € 95,00 per day

In set

  • Sigma cine HS Prime 20mm T1.5
  • Sigma cine HS Prime 24mm T1.5
  • Sigma cine HS Prime 35mm T1.5
  • Sigma cine HS Prime 50mm T1.5
  • Sigma cine HS Prime 85mm T1.5